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Friday, March 29, 2019

Improving your Health after Stoping smoking

Harmful effects of tobacco on health and beauty is very clear. And improving skin health and also very specific as soon as you quit. stop smoking, Improving your health after stopping smoking

1. Healthy Skin

Quit smoking will significantly improve appearance.

When blood circulation is better and your skin will get more oxygen and nutrients, helping to develop healthy skin

When quitting, the stains on the fingers and nails will gradually disappear. Even, you can easily see your teeth up white.

Protected, against the skin: When quitting smoking, your skin will be able to better combat premature ageing. However, the wrinkles and freckles spots appeared, then there is no way to lose. Keri BS Dermatology, University of Miami (USA), said that smokers can use skin care products of antioxidants and retinoids such as vitamin C and tropical E. Keri She also recommends sunscreen every day.

Other solutions: To improve quickly, you can choose cosmetic solutions. Laser and remove layers as “cover” of chemicals outside of the skin, where the most obvious damage. “When you see more and more beautiful skin you will have the motivation to stay away from nicotine,” said Dr Keri.

2. Improve overall health

After only 20 minutes to stop smoking, blood pressure and heart rate returned to normal. Within 24 hours, your risk of a heart attack begins to decrease.

In the first weeks after quitting, the small hairs in the lungs beginning the task of “cleaning up” stimulus out of the lungs.

Within a year, reduced risk of heart disease by half. And after 10 years without smoking, your risk of dying from cancer than other people who never smoked.

Quitting smoking will also help “eliminate” the odour of tobacco in the breath, hair and clothes. This smell is not only annoying but also harmful to people contact, which is called “passive smoking bridge.” Toxins in breathing, save your hair and clothes can be harmful to children.

3. You can quit smoking?

Experts agree that quitting smoking is very difficult but if you can not say is not true.

Just remember that most people have to try more than once and only 4-7% succeed without help. Please seek medical advice to quit smoking campaign of his.

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