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Friday, April 26, 2019

10 Tips to Start Improving our Physical Condition

With the arrival of good weather, we encourage you to start an improvement in our physical condition for the summer. Many people reinitiate physical activity taking advantage of the arrival of spring.

Coach Llara González reminds us that "physical inactivity is one of the main risk factors worldwide". González has a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences from the University of Valencia and a Certificate in Functional Training in Neuromuscular Conditioning by the same University. She is also one of the personal trainers of the Train Me platform.

Coach Llara González
This specialist explains that "the regular practice of physical exercise is one of the most common recommendations. It helps us both to stay in shape and in the treatment of many diseases. "


"There are many people," he adds, "who have never found the right moment to start and end sedentary life. Well, even if you have a very busy life and feel that you do not have time for yourself, you can also do it with these 10 simple tips ".

These are the ten proposals that Llara González gives us:

Go walking.
If you are not far from your work or class, do not think about it, go walking. It is a very good way to add kilometers in your day to day. If you are one of those who have to go by car or public transport, try to get off a few stops before or park a few blocks from where you go.

Do not always do the same route.

Challenge yourself and dare with that slope that gives you so much laziness, give variety to your journey. Each path will be different, you will surely discover unknown areas of the city.

There is no elevator to success.
Take advantage whenever you have the opportunity to climb the stairs, for example, at home, work, on the subway, etc. All the steps that you find in your day to day are welcome.

Any excuse is good.
Health at work is very important, since most of your time is spent there. Also, if you have a job in which you spend many hours sitting and / or at the computer, try to take brief breaks. Look for reasons to get up, go for a walk, go to the toilet, drink water, climb the odd staircase ... Avoid standing still in a chair for hours, releasing tensions, stretching.

Disconnect with exercise. 

Rescue your bike and take the opportunity to go with it to work, class, run errands or simply take a walk on the beach or city. 

Or disconnect by taking a walk.
Hydrate yourself Try to drink water throughout the day, having a bottle always close will help you maintain vitality and improve your health.

Food and health.
Create some eating habits that last a lifetime. Leave miracles and learn to eat well. The key is closer than you think.

Organize your time well.
We have thousands of tasks to do daily, which do not leave us time to breathe. But if you organize well you can dedicate a space to physical exercise to improve your body and health.

Seek help.
There are many gadgets that you can consult to give you an extra to your day by day controlling your daily activity. There are many and very good apps, and electronic tools. They will help you to measure your daily exercise, calories consumed and they will also challenge you and motivate you to keep going.

On weekends, take advantage of them. 
Enjoy holidays and weekends to practice those activities that you like. They are not incompatible with leisure time.

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