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Saturday, April 6, 2019

8 Bad Work Habits You Need to Eliminate from Your Life - Health tips

There are habits that cause “damage” to people’s health office as long sit, drink some water, sat before a computer for a long time.

8  Bad habits of office

1. Long sitting

Sit down in a long time, sedentary not only cause low back pain, muscle stiffness, poor circulation but also seriously affect the cervix.

For every hour worked, go walk for a while, regular physical activity and lower back muscles will be good for your health more.

2. Drink Water

The work often makes people busy office not forget to drink water only when thirsty “dry throat” they go forward under a new water body. This not only affects the normal metabolism of the body but also affect the function of the kidney exchange.

3. Wear high heels for a long time

The high-heeled shoes have long been considered a way for women to show confidence, but when wearing high heels make your feet it will be too much pressure from the weight of the body, causing pain and easy leg swelling. Therefore, when working in the office you should equip yourself with a comfortable sole shoe, let your legs relax a bit.

4. Sit long before computer

Radiation machine has a lot to harm the body and skin, working long hours before the computer screen will reduce your vision.

5. Crossed legs

This posture seems to make you feel comfortable, but in reality, it will not make your feet blood circulation, more serious distortions may lead to spine.

6. Sitting in the room air conditioning in the long term

All day sitting in the room air conditioner, air can not circulate, you can hardly breathe the fresh air of nature, and therefore susceptible to “regulate disease” (the respiratory disease)

7. No personal hygiene appliances

Think again see the phone, keyboard, mouse … How long have you cleaned them? Things you must regularly use daily, if not long day “wash” for them, bacteria can easily enter the body parts, this is the “threat” to health you.

8. Refraining from urinating.

Despite how busy urinating should not fast because this is very dangerous for your kidneys.

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