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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Advice for Couples with Sexual Frustration

Sexual Frustration

Stress, fatigue, fatigue, difficult periods and some sexual dysfunctions can cause sexual frustration in the couple. Therefore, it is best to talk and ask for help if necessary. Intimate relationships can be affected in many ways and for many reasons. Thus, stress, problems, fatigue or even certain sexual dysfunctions can cause sexual frustration in the couple.

In this article, we offer some tips to overcome it together.

Sexual frustration
Sexual frustration may be due to lack of sex, or because the one that is practiced does not fully satisfy. In both cases, sexual frustration can cause certain consequences such as:

■ Decreased self-esteem
■ Stress and nervousness
■ Emotional separation in the couple
■ Discussions
■ Impairment of mood
■ Even obsession with sex or infidelity

On the other hand, the causes of dissatisfaction can be many and varied. Either because we go through a difficult period (personal or stages like menopause) and stressful and sex we want less, or because there is a lack of sexual communication with our partner. Also, perhaps, due to conflicts between the two or sexual dysfunctions that prevent a satisfactory sexual relationship, etc. Whatever the case, the question is: What can we do if we feel sexually frustrated?

Advice for sexually frustrated couples Know yourself

First, we must know ourselves in the sexual domain. Many frustrations are given because the members of the couple do not know exactly what they want or what satisfies them. In this sense, cultural prejudices, taboos or sexual education that we have received can play a negative role and provoke dissatisfaction and sexual frustration.
Therefore, we must first determine what satisfies us, better know our own sexuality and our own body. In this sense, masturbation could be a method to discover us.

It is no use waiting for our partner to guess what satisfies us or what we would like. Therefore, we must speak clearly about what we like most in intimate relationships.In addition, on the other hand, if there are problems "under the sheets", the ideal is also to talk about it. It may be the case that some practice is satisfactory for one, but not especially for the other.

For all this, we must be honest with our partner. In effect, we must encourage communication and the expression of our wishes and needs. In this sense, it would also be a good idea to try to do something new together, having spoken before. Perhaps role plays or new sexual practices lead you to explore and experience new sensations that help overcome sexual frustration.

Do not focus only on orgasm
Many times reaching orgasm can become an obsession. However, sex has more pleasures to provide than the orgasm itself. Indeed, caresses and affection can be equally pleasurable. We must understand that many times our lifestyle prevents us from feeling relaxed when having sex. Thus, accumulated stress or fatigue can make reaching orgasm more difficult, even not possible.

However, this can turn into a vicious cycle if we only consider orgasm and consider that a satisfactory sexual relationship only ends with him. In effect, we can get stressed and frustrated by not having reached orgasm, which will make us stress even more. In this way, we will only increase our sexual frustration.

Therefore, it is best to focus and enjoy yourself in all the stages of contact: from the preliminary games to the later moment of caresses and affection. The orgasm will come.

Ask for help if there is any sexual dysfunction

In many cases there are sexual problems related to certain dysfunctions:
■ On the one hand, in the case of men, the most common problems are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
■ In the case of women, the most common are vaginismus, anorgasmia and hypoactive sexual desire disorder (TDSH)

Although these dysfunctions may have a pathological cause, they are all related to stress, anxiety and mood. For this reason, if these problems exist, in the first place it is necessary to consult the specialist and, later, a sexual therapy in couple could begin. Indeed, the benefits of therapy can be very positive and help the couple to solve their problems. It will help improve relationships and complete your sex education while addressing problems at the individual level. The aim is to enjoy wellbeing, both during intimate relationships and outside of them.

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