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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Science Develops patch with Microneedles to lose weight: up to 20% less fat in a Month


If you have tried everything to lose weight and you have not achieved it, science wants to help you. A group of researchers from Columbia University and the University of North Carolina have developed a patch capable of removing body fat, specifically in the area where it is placed.

This patch uses a series of small needles to inject nanoparticles with drugs to the body, without any pain. Its operation has to do with how the body stores fat, which has to be divided between white fat and brown fat

This patch is able to burn white fat.

Although the invention has not yet been tested in humans and has only been used in mice, the results show that it manages to reduce fat by 20 per cent in the treated areas.

According to scientists, brown fat is seen as good fat, because it decomposes easily and produces heat, it is present in newborns since they need it to regulate body temperature. In the case of adults, we do not have so much presence of brown fat and we usually have deposits of white fat, which is used for energy storage, but which is not easy to burn.

And it works without side effects or rebounds.

Many studies have tried to convert white fat into brown, and there are some drugs available that promote the presence of brown fat. However, this causes the body to be exposed to drugs and side effects such as rebound, broken bones or stomach pains may occur.

This new skin patch seems to alleviate these complications because it administers most of the drugs directly to the fatty tissue thanks to the microscopic needles that transmit the chemicals under the skin, where the white fat is stored.

It is made from small needles that dissolve.

When the microneedles pierce the skin, the nanoparticles are delivered into the tissue directly beneath the patch and dissolve. These nanoparticles are designed to retain the drug effectively until it is released into the tissue gradually spreading throughout the body.

In the experiments with the obese mice, the scientists applied the patches every three days for a total of four weeks. The mice had two patches applied on different sides of the body, one of them with empty nanoparticles. The results indicated that those patches that contained the drug, achieved a fat reduction of 20 per cent.

Still without guarantees, but without a doubt: promising.

While there is no guarantee that in humans the patch will have the same result, it is certainly a promising step to use it and discover the mechanisms that control the production of the two types of fats.

Scientists are investigating which drugs might work best. And in the future, a non-invasive treatment could be developed to eliminate body fat. Although this could be a big deal for cosmetics companies, experts see it as a possibility to help fight diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

If it went on sale, would you use it?

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